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The Graduation Exhibition “Gung Sheng” from the Department of Industrial Design of Chang Gung University participated in the 35th New Generation Design Exhibition 2016

The Graduation Exhibition “Gung Sheng” from the Department of Industrial Design of Chang Gung University participated in the 35th New Generation Design Exhibition 2016

The “New Generation Design Exhibition” is the world's largest and oldest graduation exhibition of the design faculty Young Designers' Exhibition (YODEX). It has entered its 35th year. This event was guided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, organized by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and run by the Creative Design Center of Taiwan. The event was held at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 and Hall 3 from May 13th to 16th this year. A total of 64 local schools and 136 departments, and a total of 13 design schools from 7 other countries namely Canada, the US, Britain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Italy participated in this event.

We are proud to present the Graduation Exhibition “Gung Sheng from our Department of Industrial Design in the World Trade Center Hall 1 Booth A06. The topic “Gung Sheng” is intended to show the four years of student life in Chang Gung University, their learning process through various hardship, challenges, then transformation, growth, and ultimately equiped with the best from their learning outcome. “Gung Sheng” means born, and also reborn.

The exhibition uses simplicity, generosity and brightness as the design them. The exhibited items are well spaced. Spacious walkways also enhance smooth traffic flow. The audience can appreciate the exhibition freely and comfortably. Even if it is crowded, you can be ensured a quality visit. The main visual wall is in grey, a metal plate with laser-cut words like “Gung Sheng” and the “Department of Industrial Design of Chang Gung University”, and so on. Hidden light source shines through the hollows of the words, displaying different lighting effects from different angles. The overall visual effect is restrained and elegant, creating a welcomed atmosphere at the exhibition.

This year’s New Generation Design Exhibition is the first joint effort of our product group and media group, featuring 32 works with diverse design themes. The product group exhibits a total of 15 works, including medical aids, interaction between the junior and senior generations in a family, children's toys, furniture and kitchen appliances, vehicles and others. The media group exhibits a total of 14 works, including coloring story books, brand design, social issues, the traditional handcraft innovation, and more. Furthermore, there are 3 interactive designs with the theme of Play, led by team leader Xu Yuliang with the collaboration of 2 teams. The works display a combination of technology and new materials, static and dynamic images, presentation of lines and colors, presenting to the audience the knowledge and technology the students acquired during the 4 years. Through these works, students hope to create interaction and communication, reflection and resonance.

We have 5 finalists for this year’s exhibition, namely Caiting Wei’s Yi, Deng Minghong’s GYM-Gain Your Muscle, Zhang Yuci’s Trans‧Chair, Zhuojing’s City Says, and Wang Yu Xin’s The Land Hospital. The work Yi uses the spread-out dynamic of paper-cut as its design concept, triangles and Chinese totem as the basic element, and multi-link mechanism to achieve an easier inline control. In addition, the material fully shows the gentle but durable properties of plastic. It is also favored by the Lagoon International Enterprise Corporation, and selected as the benchmark team. The work Trans‧Chair aims at persons with reduced mobility and aims to help them getting on and off the vehicle. It uses a combination of the Jack principle and transposition cushion. A new type translocation assisted wheelchair is created. This work won the special prize sponsored by the Young Pin Design Award.

In conjunction with the “New Generation Design Exhibition”, our Department of Industrial Design held an award presentation ceremony on campus on the 14th of May. We would like to thank the head of department for chairing the ceremony and presenting Chang Gung’s Honor Award to both the students, Zhang Yuci and Zhuo Jing. Zheng Jinbei, chairman of IMAGE MODEL Company Limited was also at the venue to give his encouragement to the students. In addition, we would like to thank Lexus company for awarding the Lexus award to our students, Huang Jingyuan and Zhuo Jing on the 16th of May. The “New Generation Design Exhibition” of Chang Gung’s Department of Industrial Design has come to an end. We would like to express thanks to all the teachers for the support, encouragement and guidance. We look forward to having more students representing Chang Gung University and magnify the “Gung Sheng” spirit in the future.



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